Assisted Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to impact healthcare in a variety of ways from image analysis to virtual assistants to analyzing patient records and population data. With smartphones now ubiquitous around the world and the ever more availability of computing in a smartphone, the opportunity to harness these capabilities to help physicians is huge. Steth IO uses Machine Learning to analyze the recorded heart sound spectrum and provide diagnostic assistance. The latest release of the Steth IO application has the AI capability to analyze in real time.

Steth IO Assisted Intelligence analyzes the encrypted and anonymized data and returns a “normal” or “murmur” to assist the examining physician. The whole process takes just a few seconds and the physician can get an “AI second opinion” to diagnose with confidence. Additionally, the application collects feedback from the physician on the AI result, allowing us to continually improve the diagnostic accuracy of the platform.

Steth IO calls this capability Assisted Intelligence. We use this AI acronym very deliberately as our goal is to help the physician.

The company has published a white paper describing the developed of our machine learning tool, including details about data collection and the development of deep learning to enable its Assisted Intelligence (AI) capability, as well as discussing its accuracy. You can download that white paper here.

Steth IO believes that making Auscultation objective via AI is a vital step in improving the diagnosis of heart conditions.

Please note that this feature is in BETA TESTING currently. Also, note that the results of the Assisted Intelligence are based on an algorithmic interpretation of the phonocardiogram and requires a clinical examination to confirm. This must be interpreted by a qualified physician.



No products will be shipped, nor charges incurred, before FDA clearance.