What is your warranty on this product?
We offer a 30-day full money back warranty. In addition, we provide you with a replacement warranty for any defects for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase.

When I change my iPhone, do I need to repurchase Steth IO?
If you are a Steth IO customer and you get a new iPhone, let us know and we will provide you a discount code worth 50% off our regular price to get a Steth IO device suitable for your new phone.

Is the Steth IO Stethoscope and Application HIPAA compliant?
Yes. In the default flow in our application, no identifiable data on the patient is collected. If an exam is saved and personal data about the patient is entered then various HIPAA warnings are shown to the user.

Can I get bulk discounts on Steth IO?
Please contact sales@stethio.com

Do I have to pay a monthly fee for the app?
No, there is no recurring cost to the app. You can download the app for free from the Apple App Store.

I have an idea for a Research project – would Steth IO be interested?
Steth IO may be interested in partnering with you for research. Please contact us with research ideas.

Will you ship outside the USA?
Steth IO is currently only available for sale in the USA. We plan to offer the device in other markets in early 2019.

Clinical Use

What is the best way to hold Steth IO?
Hold the phone horizontally on the diaphragm end for best stability and best visualization.

What is the best place to listen to the heart sounds with Steth IO?
The 4 usual auscultation points (pulmonary, aortic and mitral region, etc.) is a good place to start; however, our users find that the pulmonary region is a good auscultation point for all the different heart sounds.

How much pressure should I apply to get a good sound?
As much pressure as you would apply in a regular stethoscope.

Should I use Steth IO over bare skin or can I use it over clothing?
Scanning over bare skin will produce the best heart sounds, however, our users find that Steth IO captures sound well over single or even two layers of clothing.

How do I clean/disinfect my Steth IO device?
Standard antiseptic wipes work well for cleaning the Steth IO device. Follow the same protocol that you would follow to clean your standard stethoscope.

Should I keep the Steth IO device on the phone all the time? Will it interfere with phone function? Can I continue to use my phone for personal business and also use the same device on patients?
Yes, you can keep it on all the time as many of our users do. Steth IO does not interfere with phone functionality. Some physicians decide to dedicate a separate iPhone with Steth IO for clinical use only while keeping their own phones for personal use.

If I carry it around, will the diaphragm be damaged?
No. The diaphragm is made of sturdy material that does not easily damage.

What do I do if the diaphragm gets damaged? Do I need to replace the diaphragm?
If the diaphragm does get damaged, please reach out to support@stethio.com for a free replacement.

Can I use it for bowel sounds?
Yes. You can use Steth IO for bowel sounds.

Can I use it for carotid sounds?
Yes. You can use Steth IO for carotid sounds.

Can I use it for teaching?
Yes. You can use it for teaching auscultation.

What heart issues do you see with Steth IO?
Common heart issues that you can diagnose with Steth IO are — different types of murmurs — early systolic, diastolic, holosystolic; third heart sound — S3 gallop; and fourth heart sound — S4.

What lung issues do you see with Steth IO?
Common lung issues that you can diagnose with Steth IO are crackles and wheezing.

A normal stethoscope has a diaphragm side and a bell side to listen to lung vs heart sounds. Steth IO only has a diaphragm, how can you hear both heart and lung?
Our mobile application has digital filters built-in which are customized for heart sounds vs lung sounds so it does not need two sides.

Why should I use this device? Is this device better or as good as my favorite stethoscope?
The quality of sounds heard by Steth IO is as good as a high-quality stethoscope. A full comparison can be found on our comparison page. There many advantages of using Steth IO over a regular stethoscope:

– Visualization of heart & lung sounds helps in better diagnosis — our visual senses are a lot more acute than the auditory senses
– Increase patient engagement by replaying sounds and visualization for the patient
– You can annotate the saved exams, highlighting areas of interest
– Save & share heart and lung sounds to get a second opinion.


Do I need to use a headset to listen to the heart or lung sound?
In the beginning, we recommend that you use wired or wireless headphone while listening to the heart or lung sounds with this device. Over time, our users get used to the visualization and do not feel the need to use headphones.

What is the best headset to use with this device?
Steth IO ships with Sony Wireless Headphones included (Sony WI-C300). In general, headphones that block the ear canal work best. Our users find that Apple’s standard headphones – wired or wireless AirPods, also work reasonably with Steth IO. There are more details on our headphones page.

Can I use my Bluetooth-wireless headset with this product?
Yes. The Steth IO device works well with most high-end Bluetooth headsets. However, Steth IO ships with Sony Wireless Headphones included (Sony WI-C300).

I wear Bluetooth compatible hearing-aids – does this product work with that?
In general, we find that it does. Some hearing aids might have a ringing sound; however, so we recommend trying it with your hearing aids. Use our 30-day free return policy. There are more details on our headphones page.

Does Steth IO drain the phone battery?
Steth IO is a passive device and has no battery so it does not consume any battery. The use of the mobile app will drain the battery as much as using any app on your phone.

Does the Steth IO device have a battery?
No, the Steth IO device has no battery; it is a passive device.

Does Steth IO hardware communicate with the mobile phone using Bluetooth?
No, the Steth IO hardware feeds the audio through the microphone of the smartphone. It does not use any Bluetooth.

Mobile Application

Where do I get the Steth IO application?
The application should be downloaded from the App Store. It is a free download.

How do I interpret the visualization? What do the various colors mean?
The teal line in the middle of the screen is the time series of the heart or lung sound. The colored segments at the bottom represent the frequency spectrum of the sounds – the higher the display, the higher the frequency (typical of murmurs), and the color indicates the amplitude of the signal.
More details can be found on the Visualizing Auscultations page.

How do I tell when it is systolic vs. diastolic?
Check out the Normal Heart Sounds section on the Visualizing Auscultations page to understand the systolic vs diastolic phase.

Do you have some examples of what different abnormal conditions look and sound like with Steth IO?
Yes, you can see several examples on our Visualizing Auscultations page.

Does the visualization show an EKG?
No. The visualization shows a phonocardiogram — the display of heart sounds. EKG is the display of the electrical activity in the heart and is different from the phonocardiogram.

Do I have to save every exam that I perform?
No, you don’t have to save every exam. You can simply discard an exam by pressing the X on the exam screen. More details on Saving Exams can be found here.

Can I share reports from this device?
Yes, you can share reports via email. A pdf of the phonocardiogram and a sound file in a .wav format is included in this email.

Can you print reports from this device?
Yes, you can print the pdf file that is exported via the email.