Steth IO Health is continuous patient care

Steth IO® Health’s distinctive form factor makes it perfect for home use and an efficient telemedicine platform. It enables remote patient exams and monitoring, providing patients at home with true telemedicine.


Telemedicine and Concierge Medicine

Telemedicine should be more than a video call. Currently available telemedicine tools do not have examination capabilities. Steth IO® Health with a unique form factor is ideal for home use, making it an effective telemedicine platform. Steth IO® allows remote patient examination and monitoring, introducing true telemedicine for patients at home. Patient examination is vital and provides valuable information that can impact clinical decision making. It also improves patient experience and satisfaction.

Expanding your practice beyond your office walls will allow you to establish a hybrid practice and increase your efficiency at providing patient care.

Remote physiological monitoring is reimbursable. Usher in the future of healthcare and embrace the change.


Make Transition Care Management Effective and Efficient

Steth IO Health will help you:

  • Communicate with your patients or caregivers within 48 hour of
  • Communicate with ancillary healthcare services
  • Provide clinical assessment and increase treatment adherence
  • Review medications and discharge information
  • Interact with other clinicians
  • Documentation for appropriate reimbursement


Deliver Effortless Chronic Care

Chronic care management improves patient outcomes and satisfaction. Our technology allows you to efficiently provide continuous chronic care for your patients.

CCM coordination applies to patients with two or more chronic care conditions at risk of exacerbations, decompensation, functional decline, or death. It is considered outside the regular office visits.*

Steth IO can help you manage:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases (CHF, Angina, CAD)
  • Asthma
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Hypertension


Followups Made Cost Effective

Clinical trials have become increasingly complex and global. Of the ~132,000 participants in pivotal clinical trials in 2015, 31% are from the Unites States and 69% are from outside the United States. Following a large number of participants and to obtain accurate clinical data is both difficult and expensive.

Steth IO’s remote examination and effective documentation makes clinical trial followup visits cost effective and efficient.

Patient convenience from our digital health technology improves enrollment and participation. Patient can be recruited remotely, provide digital consent and monitored with electronic data capture at the source including medication treatment adherence.

Steth IO Health can provide an all-in-one secure, integrated tool. Our platform is customizable to deploy forms specific for each clinical trial.



No products will be shipped, nor charges incurred, before FDA clearance.