“To contain rising healthcare costs we must not only change the way we deliver healthcare, but must also change the nature of the healthcare itself.”

~StratoScientific Inc.


Easy to use and fits right in your pocket
Designed for both the patient and the provider, Steth IO is as simple as putting a case on your smartphone. Its elegantly designed hardware and software enable confident diagnosis, and faster, simpler exams.

Steth IO brings visualization to heart and lung sounds with precisely tuned digital filters to enhance frequencies of interest and attenuates background noise.

See what you may never hear
Difficult to hear murmurs, S3, and S4 heart sounds are easy to identify in the visual waveform and are synchronized with the audio file for a high confidence diagnosis. Visualization of heart sounds may even reduce the need for an echocardiogram.

Simple to share
Whether you want a second opinion or to get a remote diagnosis, sharing has never been easier. Exams are securely saved and organized, so you can easily review a patient’s history for serial comparisons. Individual exams can be annotated and shared seamlessly with a push of a button.


  • Over 5 million Americans have heart failure
  • 26 million world-wideEstimated
  • Estimated $32 billion spent on heart failure per year
  • Includes cost of health services, medications, and missed work
  • Readmission to the hospital within 30 days is 15 to 25%
  • $1 billion extra cost in Florida alone
  • 100-150 million people suffer from bronchial asthma worldwide
  • 180,000 annual deaths

Remote Monitoring Can Help Effectively Manage These Chronic Diseases.

Power Your Healthcare Programs

Steth IO offers a cost effective solution for cardiology, primary care, telemedicine, chronic disease monitoring, medical education, and remote monitoring.

Modern Medicine Delivered

Steth IO is designed for current iOS devices and has an API for storage to the cloud or for integration with electronic medical record systems. Steth IO is HIPAA compliant and FDA cleared for use by clinicians and for patients with a prescription.

Take Notes

Using Steth IO’s annotation tool, you can add notes to precise points in your exams for review, and flag sections of interest for rapid retrieval.

Solution: Steth IO

  • Smartphone connected stethoscope – an integrated software and hardware solution
  • Visualize and hear heart and lung sounds
  • Increase confidence of diagnosis
  • Chronic disease monitor
  • Congestive Heart Failure – early warning system to reduce hospital admissions
  • 95% incidence of S3 (third heart sound) in existing or imminent heart failure
  • Asthma

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