Stethoscope Features

One Integrated Device for Performance

Steth IO is a stethoscope for your iPhone. The solution is made of three components: a case that fits onto your iPhone, a software app downloaded from the AppStore and Assisted Intelligence (AI) to enable physicians to diagnose with confidence. The beautifully designed case has an integrated audio waveguide that filters sounds received by the diaphragm and presents them to the microphone. The software app on the iPhone does the rest. The case can be ordered by clicking here

The Smartphone Stethoscope contains several pieces of technology that enable a range of features – all designed to improve the information a healthcare provider has to diagnose and keep track of their patients. Including:

Listening to Auscultation

Our device comes with excellent Sony wireless headphones, with earbuds with ear canal sealing cups that we have found work best. You can, of course, use your own favorite wired or wireless Bluetooth headphones or earbuds to hear heart and lungs sounds. Remember you are listening to very low-frequency sounds! Learn more.

Digital Filters

Recorded sounds received by the microphone are processed by the digital filters to enhance the naturally low-frequency heart and lung sounds. Learn more.


Sounds are decomposed into individual frequency components and displayed live on the phone’s screen. The amplitude and frequency spectrogram of the sound is displayed across a time scale. A moving cursor helps identify the timing of the sounds for a better diagnosis. Learn more.

Replay for Analysis

Recorded sounds can be replayed for analysis to help the clinical decision. Sound loops displayed on the screen can be replayed for review, and the size of the loop can be changed by zooming-in or zooming-out the content on the screen.


Annotate to Communicate

Phonocardiograms can be annotated to communicate information. You can either use the provided labels or use free text to point out a specific point on the phonocardiogram. For example S3 or ESM (Early Systolic Murmur). You can always edit. Learn more.

Save Files as Needed

Just as you would with a stethoscope, you may listen to the auscultation, make a clinical decision and move on. However, now you may also save a stethoscope exam for future review, consultation or teaching. Exams are saved under a name and date of birth. Learn More.

Transmit Exams

Exams recorded and saved on Steth IO can be shared by email for consultation or review. Please be conscious of who is receiving the exams. Learn more.