Digital Filters

The heart and lung sounds captured by our device are immediately digitized in our mobile application. These sound waves are further filtered, enhanced, and amplified digitally by our software before they are output into the audio port or in the displayed visually in the phonocardiogram.

Further filtering to enhance heart sounds or lung sounds is carried out by selecting the heart or lung mode before starting to use this device.

Selecting the heart mode filters out the lung sounds.

 Similarly selecting the lung mode filters out the heart sounds.

This is a big benefit of our device when compared to a regular stethoscope, where the physician has to mentally filter out unwanted sounds by focusing on a single part of the sounds that they hear. Additionally, a user can control the volume of the heart and lung sounds heard by our device by simply using the volume control on their smartphone.



No products will be shipped, nor charges incurred, before FDA clearance.