Headphones & Hearing Aids

The frequency of heart sounds is on the lower end of human hearing capabilities. The generally accepted hearing range for humans is between 20 Hz (lows) to 20 kHz (highs),  and so having either headphones or hearing aids with the correct frequency response is vital to hear the sound accurately.

The built-in iPhone speakers do not do a good job of playing back our recordings and should not be used for diagnosis. This is why Steth IO recommends you use headphones.


It doesn’t matter if your headphones are connected via Bluetooth or via a wire, as long as they respond well to the low frequency.

Recommended Headphones

Steth IO will work with a range of high-quality headphones. The best results come from headphones that fill the ear canal and block external sounds.

Steth IO has tested the following headphones and found them to be very good for auscultation with our device

Apple Wired Headphones

Apple Airpods

Sony Wi-C300 Wireless Headphones

Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones


Bluetooth Speakers

Just like headphones a lot of speakers don’t have the frequency range to play the heart sounds well.  Additionally, if the speaker is too close to the stethoscope you get feedback. If the room is not big enough to avoid this, you can simply record on mute and then playback with mute off.

We have found Bose Speakers play heart sounds well. Some options below.

Bose SoundLink Color Speaker

Bose Soundlink II


Hearing aids

We have been able to pair via Bluetooth to some hearing aids, but the sound quality varies. There is no substitute for trying with your specific hearing aid and seeing the results. If you are not satisfied then use our 30-day, money back guarantee and simply return the device.





No products will be shipped, nor charges incurred, before FDA clearance.