Saving & Sharing Exams

Steth IO can be used to auscultate a person as a regular stethoscope, and the user can simply listen to the sounds and see them visualized in real time.  Each segment is automatically saved by the application and when desired, all the segments in an examination for a particular patient can have the patient details added.

Segment Options

After each segment recording, the user can add annotations and also edit the segment. By tapping the segment number on the screen various segment options appear.


The Share icon gives the user various options available on the iPhone ‑ Airdrop, Message, Email, etc. The shared exam is available as a stethio file which can be opened by the Steth IO app on another device.

The Crop Icon allows the user to edit the length of the recording, and this can be used to remove unneeded sounds at the beginning and end of a segment. The user simply clicks the crop icon and then moves the parentheses to the length required. Once they are happy with the edit they simply hit the check mark icon and the adjusted segment is saved.


The Save icon, allows the user to save the exam. The saved exam needs to be associated with an existing patient or a new patient can be added. The patient’s name, a note, and date of birth can then be added. The segments in the exam will be numbered sequentially within each exam and will have a heart and/or lung icon depending on the types of recorded segments within that particular exam.

Forwarding Saved Exams

From the home screen, saved examinations can be viewed by tapping “PATIENT EXAMS”. Tapping a name on the list will open the exam and the list of segments within. Each segment can be viewed by tapping on the segment which will open the recorded sound and the associated visual record.

Using cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity, a saved examination on the smartphone can be sent to another person responsible for care via email. Open an exam and tap on the Export exam button at the upper right-hand corner. A HIPAA warning alert indicates you should only send the record to individuals responsible for care.

The transmitted report will contain:
• Time and date of the exam
• Patient name
• Segment number
• Duration of the recording
• Type of digital filter utilized
• An audio .wav file of the exam
• A Stethio file of the exam (can be viewed using the Steth IO app)
• Visual phonogram of the recorded sound





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