Gorgeous Visualizations

See what you may never hear. Steth IO’s app decomposes sounds into their frequency components constructing a spectrogram. Utilizing precisely tuned digital filters, it enhances frequencies of interest and attenuates ambient noise. Audio playback is synchronized to the visualization for a confident diagnosis.

Elegant Hardware

Sleek, light, and sturdy, the Steth IO hardware combines impeccable design with unrelenting sound quality for a case that is as beautiful as it is functional. It fits comfortably in a pocket or a purse and is always available for use.


Tele-medicine systems currently in existence do not have an effective examination tool. Video conferencing allows for remote interaction but no there has been no effective examination tool to detect & distribute heart and lung sounds until Steth IO.
Telemedicine platform – “Telemedicine kiosk in your pocket”

Never Forget

Securely save and organize exams using the Steth IO app for future review, bringing the stethoscope into the digital age. Look back at a patient’s history for serial comparisons and assess disease progression.

Simple To Share

Whether you want a second opinion or to get a remote diagnosis, sharing has never been easier. Exams are securely saved and organized, so you can easily review a patient’s history for serial comparisons. Individual exams can be annotated and shared seamlessly with a push of a button.

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