15 year-old creates a 3D printed iPhone case that’s also a stethoscope

When high school student Suman Mulumudi got his hands on a 3D printer, he decided to make an iPhone case, but one which really stood out from the crowd. It’s not covered in bizarre shapes, it’s not compatible with Lego, and it doesn’t have an unusual picture burned into it. No, it does something not only useful, but also unique. … Read More

StratoScientific lands $550K in first round of funding

The startup train just keeps rolling for StratoScientific, a Seattle-based company founded by 16-year-old CEO Suman Mulumudi and his father Mahesh Mulumudi. The company revealed in a SEC filing that it raised $550,000 in its first round of funding. READ MORE>>

Suman Mulumudi – Democratizing the Stethoscope

Suman Mulumudi is a high school sophomore, CEO of StratoScientific, and inventor of the Steth IO, an iPhone case that allows individuals to listen, track, and visualize their heart rates. Mulumudi, whose father is a cardiologist, was curious about what physicians do when heart murmurs are too quiet to be picked up by a stethoscope. He then used off-the-shelf parts … Read More

Patient Innovation Highlights Steth IO

In a summer, between eighth and ninth grades, Suman Mulumudi’s parents bought him a MakerBot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer. Designing his iPhone case took a couple of weeks. Some teenagers customize theirs with a Darth Vader silhouette. Suman added a diaphragm that collects low-frequency sounds and sends them through a tube to the microphone, turning his iPhone into a … Read More