Founded in 2015, Steth IO is dedicated to developing the technology which brings medicine into the digital, connected age. We have a single goal: Save Lives.


Mahesh Mulumudi

President, CEO, and Co-Founder

Dr. Mahesh Mulumudi, MD, is an inventor, interventional cardiologist and a thought leader in the field of cardiology, with academic and patent publications to his credit. He is the President, Chief Executive Officer, and a co-founder of StratoScientific, Inc. He received his cardiology and interventional cardiology training at the Ochsner Clinic, in New Orleans, Louisiana, and is currently a practicing interventional cardiologist. He provides clinical relevance for the Steth IO’s development.

Craig Rosenberg


Dr. Craig Rosenberg is the Chief Technical Officer of StratoScientific, Inc. He has over 25 years of experience working with a wide array of technology companies from small technology startups to Fortune 100 companies in the areas of human factors, software architecture and engineering, systems engineering, modeling and simulation, virtual environments, and advanced user interface design within the aerospace, mobile, communications, healthcare, consumer, legal, and entertainment markets. Craig has published over twenty research papers in scientific journals and in his free time enjoys tennis, racquetball, skiing, and composing and recording music.

Suman Mulumudi


Suman invented the Steth IO in 2013 and led StratoScientific during its early development, bringing the Steth IO through FDA clearance and to manufacturability. He now provides strategic insight for the company and promotes a relentless attention to detail. He is currently studying at Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and in his free time enjoys biking, rock-climbing, and playing bassoon.

Avani Vimawala, MHA

Director of Operations

Ms. Vimawala is the Director of Operations at Steth IO. She manages the Quality Management System related to quality control of hardware and software, Customer Experience and FDA compliance documentation. She is involved in coordination of manufacturing and delivery processes and manages the Inventory. She also helps in developing new avenues for the company.

Ray Miller

R&D Engineer

Ray is a software developer at Steth IO. His career has focused on digital audio and embedded development, along with UI for remote devices. He has two degrees in Applied Math from the University of Washington, and two audio filtering patents. He has studied machine learning and has interests in optimization and numerical analysis. His other interests include climate change, gadgetry, walking, and hiking.

Chris Rudd


Chris Rudd, has over 20 years of experience in business development, consulting, marketing and advertising multiple industries, Chris thrives on focused strategies that deliver inquiries, opportunities, and sales. Chris’ background also includes extensive work in interactive marketing, including web management, web optimization and paid search. Chris enjoys tennis as well as attending musical theatre shows (often that involve his daughters).