STETH IO and Webex by Cisco announce Embedded App Partnership

Steth IO, founded in 2015, and dedicated to developing the technology which brings medicine into the digital, connected age, is pleased to announce it is now an embedded app available directly within Webex.

The Steth IO telemedicine system provides next-generation telemedicine capabilities—resolving gaps in assessment presented by traditional telemedicine platforms via a hybrid audio-visual examination platform and connected device that captures heart and lung sounds. With these augmented telemedicine capacities, Steth IO empowers telemedicine providers to offer greater accuracy and a smoother exam experience comparable clinically to an in-person visit, benefiting patients and providers alike.

Webex believes the future of work is definitively hybrid. It is about adapting to how teams work best and creating experiences that reach everyone. A critical capability of enabling hybrid workforces is Embedded Apps, which will empower app partners, such as Steth IO, to deliver unique workflows directly within the Webex experience. In addition, users can discover new apps directly, access new capabilities to get work done better together, and streamline workflows within a consistent interface.

“Today’s hybrid work environment increases the need for streamlined experiences across multiple businesses apps,” said Anurag Dhingra, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Webex. “Now with Steth IO available as an Embedded App within Webex, users can now readily discover and integrate new capabilities into their meetings and collaboration experience.”

Check out the Webex App Hub: https://apphub.webex.com/