Mastering the continuous care model with telemedicine

How Telaspot by Steth IO is creating scalable, continuous care solutions that work for small practices and large health systems alike

The COVID-19 pandemic provided the motivation for rapid adoption of telehealth and remote patient monitoring across the U.S., but the utility of such digital health solutions extends beyond the pandemic—with 65 percent of providers agreeing that telehealth will remain just as or more important following the pandemic. 


Done right, telemedicine can offer an all-in-one solution designed to improve the continuous care model through regular communication during and between provider visits. The Telaspot by Steth IO provides such next-generation telemedicine capabilities with an all-in-one system designed to schedule patient visits, complete audio-visual calls with device-enabled diagnostic capabilities, send messages between patients and their physicians, and facilitate remote patient monitoring—all within a platform that can be customized and branded to match your clinic.

Breaking down silos and simplifying implementation through full integration capabilities

The average time to implementation for a digital health platform or service can be anywhere between 16 to 24 months, requiring the provider to go through multiple rounds of certification, implementation, and cross-platform integration with each new technology added. Not only is this time-consuming, but costly—with studies showing that the cost of technology implementation alone for a small provider practice reaches upwards of $70K.

It’s no surprise, then, that a 2019 survey conducted among C-level healthcare executives found that integration between health IT solutions was the number one challenge across our healthcare system—with 92 percent of executives citing difficulty implementing digital health solutions.

The Telaspot alleviates traditional integration concerns by owning the IT infrastructure necessary to build a complete continuous care platform that can be deployed literally within a few minutes. With one-click implementation, providers can launch their virtual clinic and begin enrolling patients. Once patients are enrolled and an order is placed for their device, Steth IO will ship the connected device to the patient’s home within four days.

No extra lengthy or costly integrations. No IT team needed. Just click, enroll, order, and you’re ready to go.

Building patient trust in telehealth

Your patients trust you—and your practice. But when it comes to logging into third-party devices, platforms that are set up differently than what patients are used to can create barriers to trust and engagement. 

While some larger clinics solve for this with costly organization-wide platforms built specifically for them, many small-and-midsize clinics must rely instead on non-branded telemedicine platforms that feel asynchronous and disconnected. As patients toggle between multiple platforms for scheduling, telehealth visits, and remote patient monitoring for connected devices, this lack of compatibility can lead to frustration and confusion.

Telaspot provides an advanced, device-enabled telemedicine solution that allows clinics, both large and small, to operate telemedicine, communication, scheduling, and remote patient monitoring seamlessly under one, unified brand: yours.

Whether a clinic consists of one provider or belongs to an entire healthsystem, the Telaspot platform offers scalable, customizable interfaces—without lengthy IT implementation processes. Simply upload your logo and brand specifics, and your patients will be able to schedule and attend appointments, send messages, and submit and track key RPM vitals within one platform under the brand they trust.

Creating long-term scalability through high patient engagement and affordable cost

Regardless of it’s merits, a product is only helpful if the patients are able to use it and providers are able to afford it.

With smartphone compatibility that enables patients to use the device and connect with providers from their smartphone, the Telaspot platform is both convenient, portable, and intuitive—making it easy to use from home… or anywhere else the patient may be. When used in combination with provider guidance during live examinations, patients can ensure effective device readings for the most accurate data.

Furthermore, the Telaspot platform is designed to be scalable—offering customized pricing to meet providers and clinics where they’re at. And its simplified one-click implementation and one-platform integration capabilities yield significant upfront cost savings for both large and small clinics alike.

Delivering quality continuous care

Simple, flexible, and scalable, the Telaspot telehealth, remote patient monitoring, and communication platform delivers next-generation telemedicine for clinicians that can connect to any mobile device.

The benefits?

Patients receive better continuous care as they easily communicate with physicians, schedule and attend examinations, and regularly submit and share key vitals with providers to monitor and regulate conditions. And providers improve care and trust through a uniquely branded platform that is scalable in both technology and price.